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Taking your Consultation list, your makeup artist and hair stylist will have a little chat with you about the colours, textures and trends you’re really into. They’ll also want to know about the outfits you’ve brought to wear, so your final look will match the style of your clothes .

One of our professional, industry standard makeup artist will cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin with premium quality products, ready for your exclusive and personalised makeover.

In the meantime, our very experienced hair stylists will look at the Consultation list and your chosen outfits to create a hair style that compliments everything else beautifully. Sleek and straight, pin up, dramatic curls or just natural, the choice is endless.

Our team only use the best products available on the market and are also more than happy to share tips with you, based on your skin type, face shape and colouring.

Preparing your hair for your photo shoot, our experienced professionals will work with you, your Consultation Wish List and your chosen outfits to create a hair style that brings it all together beautifully. Sleek and straight, beach-fresh textured, romantic curls, seventies flicks, classic ‘up do’, messy ‘up do’, backcombed with full body… the choice really is endless.

Our hair stylist will also share fantastic insider tips for you to try at home, based on your hair texture, face shape and the looks you love.